September 25, 2013

Steampunk Jewelry - Nocturna Forest Jewelry Collection

Introducing jewelry from my newest collection, Nocturna. Steampunk influences are woven with Tribal, Gothic, and Art Nouveau styles on a lantern lit journey through the forest at night. 

Nocturna is my most personal collection to date, as it has been entirely influenced by the challenges and obstacles that have occurred over the past year. Let's just say 2013 has been brutal. I was inspired to create jewelry that used darker symbols from the forest in a romantic and powerful light. I wanted to share these ideas with you in an amulet form to invoke strength and perseverance through cultural symbols and animal totems.

My friends at Organic Armor lent their intricate headpieces to help illustrate the journey through the forest at night. Organic Armor designs unicorn horn circlets and pretty much any kind of animal horn you can think of. 


The journey starts at sunset. This necklace is called Dragonfly Equinox. Copper flowers mix with golden gears, iridescent jewels, leaves, and a verdigris dragonfly. The dragonfly represents change, good luck, strength, dreams, and purity.


 Next we draw our power from the interlocking tails of coiled snakes. The Serpent's Dream statement necklace draws reference from Celtic Tribal and Art Nouveau styles. The Celts saw the snake as a symbol of secret knowledge, change, and cunning. Think of shedding metaphoric skin like a snake to become a shiny new version of yourself!


The Art Nouveau Skull necklace combines feminine energy, darkness, and power - much like a Valkyrie! Somebody got you down? Talking behind your back? Ignore them. Be yourself even harder. Work hard to make your dreams come true. That is the best revenge, as ultimately you will have bettered yourself. Wearing badass jewelry doesn't hurt either. 


The Enchanted Bat Steampunk necklace is truly one of my favorites. Much like the concept of Batman, I too like to use the symbol of the bat for personal power, strength, and perseverance. The bats on this Tribal Goth statement necklace are carrying an antiqued watch movement up to the sky. The necklace is accented with black spikes. 

This is just a taste of the newest designs I have to offer. Plenty more on the way! 

XOXO Kristin

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