January 13, 2009

The Bionic Unicorn 500!

It's so exciting! Today the amount of people who "heart" my shop on etsy has reached 500!
To celebrate tonight, I will run around in circles like at the Indy 500 and plaster myself with the names of my sponsors.

Haha, just kidding. Tonight, the house of Bionic Unicorn will instead be celebrating with a fine glass of wine, and maybe some Wii fit to center our chi. 


TiLT said...

You can make it 501 - I just saw your Dread Pirate Jane (did I spell that right?) on Roseworks blog...love it!

TiLT said...

correction...507 (I just looked)

LB Accessories said...

Congrats, you'll be over 1000 before you know it! You have a great shop!

Bionic Unicorn said...

Thanks so much for the sweet words of encouragement! We will have a big party when the number reaches 1000!