December 22, 2014

Ombre Crystal Butterfly Necklaces

Butterflies are powerful symbols to wear. The image of a butterfly means different things to many; common threads include transformation, positive energy, a resilient spirit, dreams, and they can even represent those who we love. My new ombre crystal butterfly designs represent all of the above and more. These butterfly necklaces symbolize the power we carry within ourselves, and encourage the wearer to release one's inner magic.

My vision began when I gazed upon one of my butterfly pendants, and imagined a glittering rainbow radiating across the butterfly's wings. I instantly went to work - I was compelled to bring my vision to life. The first of the ombre crystal butterfly necklaces to be born is this rainbow species, with over 140 Swarovski crystals in 13 different shades. This butterfly necklace will glisten with your every movement.  I have a cute little demo video for you to demonstrate the truly mesmerizing sparkle. 

Wonderful, I had an exciting design for the rainbow lovers, but what next? Well, the moon and the stars are just as magical as rainbows, but in a completely different way. I decided to create a crystal butterfly necklace with a more subtle color palette: glistening starlight shades of crystal clear, moonlight, air blue opal, and light sapphire Swarovski crystals. 

The Moonlight Ombre Butterfly Necklace is elegant and ethereal. This necklace has so much styling versatility. You could pair it with jeans and a simple white top, a draped chiffon dress, or go funky street style like me and wear it with galaxy print leggings. This crystal butterfly necklace would also be amazing in a wedding - imagine yourself as a bride wearing an airy sparkling butterfly necklace - divine!!! No matter where you're headed, this butterfly necklace will light the way with sparkle and shine. 

This is only the beginning - there are so many colors in nature to be inspired by and I have so many new butterflies to create. Are you inspired by a specific color combination? Send me an email, let's set up a custom order for a butterfly in your favorite colors. You can always reach me at - I would love to hear from you. 

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