November 17, 2013

Steampunk Owl Jewelry

Ancient wisdom from deep within the forest - presenting my newest Steampunk owl jewelry creations!
I love making owl faces out of clock parts.

This Steampunk Owl Necklace has been named Evergreen Sparks by the members of my Bionic Unicorn page on Facebook. Steampunk gears are set within antiqued aqua flowers to create the owl's eyes. The Steampunk owl's face is made from vintage watch movements. Small enamel leaves spray out from behind the owl's face. I hand enameled the leaves in dark forest shades of brass, black, and silver. 



These Steampunk Owl Earrings are named Absinthe Nocturna. The name is a play on words, stemming from Athene Noctua, which is a species also known as "Little Owl". I enameled neo Victorian scallops and flowers to match the verdigris shades of the owls. The green enamel flowers bloom upon brass watch gears and sparkle with emerald Swarovski crystals. The owls eyes glisten with the same shade of green jewels. The Absinthe Noctura Steampunk Owl Earrings are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, as the owls and scallops are stampings with hollow backs. The ear wires are sterling silver. 



I hope you like my new Steampunk Owl jewelry designs. I truly think that gold and green is going to be the next hot color combo in the Steampunk world. Luxurious colors of the earth with an antiqued vintage appeal - what's not to love?

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