February 11, 2009

The Funny Names of Flowers

I'm really inspired by wildflowers right now, and I am making jewelry that looks like old machines overtaken by vines and flowers.

I like to research kinds of flowers before naming each jewelry piece. I've found so many beautiful flowers, but their names are just terrible!

Would you be intrigued by a necklace named Milk Vetch? I wouldn't, and it's so sad because Milk Vetch is a really beautiful flower. Milk Vetch sounds like what happens to someone who is lactose intolerant.

Then there is Hepatica. A gorgeous flower, but the name sounds like a venereal disease.

I've been finding flowers with cooler sounding names, but they are still not right for jewelry. Like Rattlesnake Master. Not something you want to wear on your neck, but it would look great on a business card.

Yes, my name is Kristin, and I am a Rattlesnake Master! Here's my card.


shoezimm said...

Okay, "Rattlesnake Master" would certainly get people's attention... It would be fun to see the expression on their faces when you explain its a flower and that you're not actually out there bending rattlesnake minds to do your bidding!

Bionic Unicorn said...

I guess I have to make a rattlesnake necklace now! These odd challenges certainly spice things up. It could be a Southwestern Steampunk Biker kind of thing.