June 11, 2013

New Steampunk Statement Necklaces

I have returned from the Metaforest with four new Steampunk statement necklaces. Each necklace represents a different magical concept or ideal.

Forest of Illumination Necklace

The Forest of Illumination Necklace features verdigris leaves and iridescent jewels. I hand colored the enamel flowers, creating a special gradient ombre effect in shades of bright green, teal, and copper. This necklace is like magical armor that could be worn by a Steampunk forest guardian - at least that is what I imagined when I was designing it. The name "Forest of Illumination" is from a song that inspired this necklace. This necklace is intended to bring out your inner forest goddess.

The Oracle Necklace

The Oracle Necklace is a cosmic infusion of Steampunk and tribal themes. The necklace is inspired by a synergy of ancient knowledge and intuitive foresight. Blue enamel flowers accent antiqued brass celestial filigrees to create an elegant tribal cage necklace. Swarovski crystals in shades of blue air opal and clear sparkle upon metallic Steampunk flowers. Titanium quartz crystals glisten in iridescent blue.

Crystal Unicorn Necklace

This Steampunk necklace is for Unicorn Princesses everywhere! Silver plated filigrees are arranged like Steampunk armor and adorned with enamel flowers in ethereal shades of purple. The centerpiece of the necklace features a pearlescent unicorn nestled within a garden of mechanical flowers. Swarovski crystals in aurora borealis shades glisten from within lavender and plum petals. Amethyst and blue air opal Swarovski crystals complement the Steampunk flowers with fairy tale nuance. 

Clockwork Queen of Chaos Necklace

The Clockwork Queen of Chaos necklace features red enamel flowers with spikes and titanium quartz crystals. The skulls eyes glisten with red Swarovski crystals and a hint of chaos. The skull and crossbones are linked to two large gears, which are adorned with brass acrylic spikes and titanium quartz crystals with a purple rainbow finish. This necklace is inspired by taking one's frustrations and turning those feelings into energy for personal power, transition, and change. Feeling trapped in a tower? Time to take that tower down and surf the bricks to the bottom.

More magical creations coming soon! 

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