November 10, 2013

Steampunk Jewelry Fantasy + Love of Leather

I love playing dress up with my Steampunk jewelry. I had on loan some leather bracers and a Sam Browne harness from the Aethernautical Emporium. This called for my Steampunk Spectre Skull Necklace and a unicorn horn from Organic Armor. There are two things that will always catch a Bionic Unicorn's eye: sparkly things and leather. We just can't resist! 

Penny Dreadful plays the part of our daring Steampunk unicorn. She is wearing a bolero of her own design, available through her line Matahari's Ghost.

I love playing with color, so I thought the purple tones of Penny's hair and shirt would be a fun mix with the brown tones of the leather harness and bracers, especially when combined with a copper unicorn horn.

The Steampunk Spectre Skull necklace is a mix of industrial punk and vintage glam. A skull and crossbones is accented with an antiqued brass flower and a vintage pocket watch face. Vintage chandelier crystals glisten against strands of mixed metal chain.

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