September 16, 2011

Lillyxandra at Montreal Comiccon

Who's that pixie? It's the lovely and talented Lillyxandra aka JoEllen Elam of Firefly Path. You may recognize her from her iconic Princess Zelda cosplay.

This weekend Lillyxandra will be an Anime Guest of Honor at Montreal Comiccon and she will also be wearing my jewelry! Look for her in a stunning red and black Emo Vampire dress, with a dramatic high collar black bolero. You do not want to miss this girl's panel discussions - think of the knowledge and creativity she has to share. I hope you are able to meet up with Lillyxandra and say hello. I will be chilling in Minneapolis working on my designs for TeslaCon, but that is another post for another day. Other Guests of Honor at Montreal Comiccon include Stan Lee and Adam West. I wish I were going!


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