January 3, 2012

Spring Collection Mood Board & Inspiration

I'm so excited for my Spring 2012 collection. I put together a little mood board so you can see my inspirations. I don't usually make mood boards, so this was very fun and new for me. I credited the images where the sources are known.
My collection will be heavily influenced by Dolly Kei, a fashion movement from Japan inspired by fairytales, folklore, vintage romance, and the forest. You can get a great feel for Dolly Kei by reading this article about Grimoire, a boutique in Tokyo that I completely adore.
My jewelry is already pretty much a marriage between Dolly Kei and Steampunk, so for Spring, I am going to fully indulge in these concepts. The color palette will be muted pastels mixed with soft earth tones. A very romantic, antique, and woodsy vibe. Oh, and there will be magical creatures joining us on our stroll through the forest.

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