April 5, 2011

MN Spring Fashion week is right around the corner...

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis, and I am Kristin’s assistant. I’m here updating my first ever blog post to inform you all of the exciting upcoming MN Fashion Week events which will be featuring the jewelry of Bionic Unicorn!

Envision –April 9th, Graves 601 Hotel

Bionic Unicorn’s designs will be paired on the runway with the vintage style fashions of Jenny Carle. Kristin’s collection, Tribe of Flowers, features a blend of beautiful floral and tribal aesthetic, and fits perfectly with either trend. Her pieces in this collection consist of dainty enamel flowers mixed with chain fringe. The above photo is a gorgeous necklace included in the collection and can be found here! Don’t forget to stop by the Etsy shop for a sneak peek of this collection before its appearance at Envision! Kristin and I will both be at this event, so don’t forget to say hello!

Voltage –April 15th, First Avenue

The collection Hallucination at the County Fair is debuting with the designs of Max Lohrbach, the finale designer of the lineup. The collection is punk-rock romantic revolutionary style, which Kristin says, is inspired by "kitties and princesses!” The event will also have a pop-up boutique selling items from this collection. Be sure to get your tickets soon, this event will sell out!

The Secret Garden – April 16th, Suburban World Theater

Secrets Fashion Agency introduces this Alice in Wonderland themed event. Kristin will be showing her Evocation collection with Tony Eliason’s designs. Her new collection is described as a mix of neo Victorian glamour with aesthetics from the 80’s and 90’s. She says it's "neo Victorian meets retro tribal". This is another Bionic Unicorn collection that will be shown for the first time, so don't miss it!

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