March 25, 2011

It's True

It's true. I suck a updating my blog regularly. But not anymore! I will do a much better job from now on, I promise! So now from some randomness from my bionic world, and tomorrow begins structured and meaningful blog posting!

The above pictured necklace is available here. It's called Desert Runner. The necklace features a vintage hand painted roadrunner, a vintage pocket watch face circa 1940, and vintage lucite beads from West Germany. I love the mix of southwestern style and steampunk. I like to imagine that someone found part of a pocket watch in the desert and used it to create a necklace inspired by the elements around them.

Yesterday I worked on a plethora of chain maille for Voltage, which is coming up on April 15. I will be posting a full rundown of my spring fashion events tomorrow. Today, I might work on some chain maille if my eyes can handle it. If not, I will be working on new pieces for my Etsy shop, like wooden butterflies and jewelry for those under the sign Aries.

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