October 13, 2009

We Gonna Rock Down To: Eclectic Avenue

If I had the means, I would throw a gigantic party where you could all be my guests and dress up in outlandish outfits. We could enjoy dance hits of the 80s while sipping beverages of various flavors. I am a non-believer of exclusivity, so there would be no list. Everyone is invited!
Alas, I have not the means for such an event, so on to more realistic news...

My current mission is to provide you with eclectic and affordable jewelry. I am working in a dedicated fashion to create new and exciting jewelry styles for $40 and less. I'll still be making big elaborate items, but it's time to focus on budget friendly pieces as well.

On to more random tidbits... I have a hot pink electric guitar that I haven't played in ages. I got caught up in creating artwork, but now I want to re-teach myself to play it. The best I can do right now is the theme song from Peter Gunn. This guitar deserves better. It's a Charvel Predator. Rawr.

1 comment:

skeptis said...

I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for your budget friendly items! It'll also be great for those of us who admire your work but might not be into wearing large elaborate pieces. Those are some amazing works of art!