September 3, 2009

The Magic of Autumn and Saving Money

In celebration of my one year anniversary on Etsy, I will be offering 15% off your total item purchase September 3rd - 7th.
Please use the coupon code "weekend deals" in the message to seller to receive a 15% credit back to your paypal account.

There are no exclusions on this offer, so it's a great chance to snag a fancy statement necklace! Click here to visit my jewelry shop

Featured above is one of my new designs, Tinkerbell's Secret Garden.
This necklace represents wild and untamed femininity, just like Tinkerbell. I imagine she needed a secret blooming retreat to hide in while nursing hurt feelings over Peter and Wendy. This necklace is my ode to Tinkerbell, and wild pixies everywhere.

I had so much fun making this necklace. The pendant features enamel flowers in periwinkle, apple green, lavender, and sky blue. Antique balance cocks from watches as late as 1875 protrude from the flower bed like creeping legs of insects. A gorgeous gold swirling gear glows hypnotically as it's warm tones are reflected in an amber vintage rhinestone. The necklace earns it's fairy wings by hosting a repurposed vintage leaf broach. The leaf is textured green enamel with small aqua blossoms. The other side of the necklace is accented asymmetrically with iridescent rainbow vitrail glass jewels. A vintage verdigris pocket watch charm descends from the pendant, glowing with an assemblage of pastel enamel flowers. The necklace is completed with vintage dusky plum enamel chain.


DaMonique said...

Wow. Huge fan of your jewelry. Just found you through Red Planet, definitely following.. Crazy thing is I live not too far from you in lil ol' Red Wing, MN. Do you sell anywhere besides etsy? Congrats on making it one year- I joined in July and it's been amazing! What a great community! Anyway! Def looking forward to seeing more from you!

ocasiocasa said...

Love your jewelry designs; very unique and ingenious.

Bionic Unicorn said...

Thank you so much DaMonique and Ocasiocasa!
I'm currently not selling anywhere aside from etsy, but I'd love to make a deal with a boutique in the Twin Cities area.
Some day I will have my own fabulous parlor, where we can sit around feeling fabulous while wearing my jewelry.