July 29, 2009

Skullduggery and Elemental Flowers

Here's a sneak peak at some of my new midsummer designs!

I wanted to save you some time, so I piled on all my new designs at once. I started doing my own enameling, so you can expect vivid colors and twilight inspired gradients. I have custom distressed skulls looking cute and deadly on mint condition flowers from the 1960s. Vintage West German glass zodiac charms are set into rustic and colorful pendants. These pieces will transition beautifully into fall with a playful sense of gothic beauty.

I have new steampunk designs as well. Here's a feature of Time Travel of the Heart, a romantic pink and white flying machine statement necklace.

A vintage porcelain pocket watch face from Atlas Watch Company is the centerpiece of this whimsical necklace. The watch face is adorned with silver clock hands in a radial star like pattern. The star burst is topped with a jeweled pink plastic flower. Vintage blossoms in pink enamel and white lucite accent the upper corners of the pendant and add flourish to the soft angel wings on either side. The angel wings are created with vintage soft plastic wings from the 1960s.

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