June 7, 2009

World Ocean Day Sale!

World Ocean Day is June 8th!
In order to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition of our oceans, I am offering 15% off any ocean related item in my shop. Just type "I love the ocean!" to the message to seller and I will credit 15% back to your paypal account. This sale goes from June 7th-June 14th.
It is crucial that we take better care of the oceans of the world. An increase of 2 degrees centigrade can cause the death of a coral reef, and all of the animals who live there. Our oceans cannot exist without coral reefs.
I also recently learned that the US Navy is using a sonar device that is causing brain hemorrhages in dolphins, whales, and other creates that use sonar to communicate. When the US government was confronted about this, the response was that national security is more important. I completely disagree. We need to protect these animals from being endangered. I'm sure the Navy is smart enough to come up with something that won't kill dolphins and whales, and they are welcome to use my tax dollars to pay for it.
Please click the World Ocean Day link at the top of this post to become more educated about the issues we face. We can all make a difference.

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SuaVoce said...

Wonderful blog and Etsy shop! I enjoyed browsing. :)