May 19, 2012

Wowie Wow May!

Ever have a bunch of awesome things happen all at once? The end of April through right now has been an exciting non-stop fashion rush and now I finally have a chance to tell you about it.

Hmm, chronologically? Sure!

The ever enigmatic Kato took some saucy pics of girly dress up time with my newest ethereal Steampunk creations.

Next up, the Official Steampunk Tarot Release Party at Eye of Horus. Barbara Moore, the creator of this amazing new tarot deck, gave demos of The Prognosticator, a new Steampunk fortune telling device. Here's a pic of Barbara, James (who helped her create The Prognosticator), and myself. 

Next up, I shot pics of Penny Dreadful rocking my new tribal fusion designs. This shoot was exciting and challenging because we had a two person crew. Penny did her hair and makeup, while I did the styling and photography - in addition to the jewelry of course. I'm so happy with how this pics turned out. Here are some of my favorite shots from the series:

I had the wonderful opportunity of styling the shoot with clothing from b. (a resale shop) and accessories from Heart of Tibet & Sky Door, both boutiques in South Minneapolis near my castle. 
View the mega album that is Curious Destination here

Then..... wowie wow! Tiffany Ann Photography shot pics Mulan D in a new my Steampunk designs. 

Tired yet? This only covers through the middle of May. I will have many more pics to share with you soon! I think I have about 4-5 shoots in the next two months. Egads! Will I go mad with design indulgence and fashion highs? Stayed tuned to find out!

Sir, I'm afraid you've gone mad with power.

Of course I have. You ever tried going mad without power?
It's boring, no one listens to you!

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