April 3, 2012

Tribe of Vex

As many know, I am governed by inspiration. When I get a new design idea stuck in my head, I am compelled to create it, no matter how crazy it might seem. Kind of like Inception. And thus I made a tribal breast plate necklace out of sprigs of wheat.

I asked Ulorin Vex if it was possible to model this necklace in the desert, to truly capture a magical earthy vibe. Lo and behold, Ulorin and her mega talented hubby Allan Amato just happened to be in the desert on a cold ethereal morning, and captured these amazing photos! Ulorin said was so cold that Allan had to retouch the photos to reduce the redness in her hands. Now that is some badass modeling. I love how fiery Ulorin's hair is against the moody morning sky. Give a clicky here if you would like to see more of my tribal what necklace.

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