September 22, 2015

Merlinda Moonwave vs Mercury Part 2

In my quest to overcome the impacts of Mercury in retrograde, I have achieved a new level of discovery. Mercury in retrograde is not something to fear. It's almost like a behind the scenes movie reel of one's least favorite past emotions. Except you feel it, rather than seeing it. It seeps out through your energy and it can impact your daily business. This little "blooper reel" from Mercury can be a blessing in disguise. Let it remind you of what you don't want to be so that you work harder at being who you want to be. It's almost like reverse psychology on Mercury's behalf; we are being tricked into becoming better versions of ourselves. 

It's easier than you think. You just need to acknowledge whatever negative thoughts or emotions that are blocking you, and release them. So in an act of self love, I am going to officially declare what I am and stop hiding. I am a Shaman High Priestess, possibly from several different eras. Sometimes I downplay the height of my skills because of the fear of rejection, but those days are over. Earlier this year I asked my divine guide for my medicine name. The answer was Moonwave. A medicine name symbolizes a Shaman's unique healing energy and what they have to contribute to society. I wish to radiate positive energy like moonlight on water. I am here to facilitate healing through emotional well-being. I specialize in helping magically inclined folk.  Being emotional and sensitive is often frowned upon, but it is what makes me receptive and strong. Emotion is power, emotion is energy. I want to help teach others how to achieve emotional health, emotional strength. I want to give readings, write books, and hold seminars. This is my truth that I claim to the universe. This is an open invitation to join my tribe. 

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