September 22, 2015

How to Expand Your Soul

Avoid soul shrinking behavior. Don't gossip, don't judge others, don't judge yourself, avoid negative self talk, don't make a big deal about small issues - especially regarding material possessions, don't get caught up in social media drama.  It sounds like a lot of don'ts, but it's really worth it. I'm not saying be fake. If you need to speak your mind, be real, but don't be mean.  

A few months ago I tried a challenge about avoiding negative thoughts for an entire weekend. I liked it so much that I haven't stopped. Every time I had a negative thought, I would put myself in check. I have been developing 360 degree perception. That means truly seeing all possibilities in a situation or in another person's actions - not judging something as entirely one way.  I'm a very sensitive person, nothing will change that. I had to rewire how I react to the multitude of information that I receive on a daily basis. How can one be empathic but not hardened by the burdens that come with the skill? This is the way. 

Rewiring takes commitment. You need to work on it every day. Any time I had I thought I didn't want, I would repeat "X Y Z" in my head until a new thought was ready to take over. X, Y, and Z represent mathematical variables. I like that they are placeholders, but not a true thought. It's like sorbet for the mind. You can pick whatever phrase you want - perhaps song lyrics, a poem, a quote. Whatever you need to snap you out of a negative thought. Eventually I didn't need X Y Z anymore, I was just automatically perceiving without judgment. I also stopped judging myself, and that is huge. I have been overly self critical in the past, which was stifling in many ways. This energy came to full fruition two weeks ago, opening many doors & also helping me spread joy to others. I am myself in a way I never thought possible. You can achieve this too, just give it a try.

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