May 13, 2015

Dark Light Daydream

It's been a long time since I have created any new jewelry designs. In March I was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans. The bone in my left knee died, and I had surgery to restructure my leg. That includes breaking the femur to realign the leg. It's a lot to deal with. 

 It's been 5 weeks since my surgery. I can get around on crutches for small amounts of time. I'm doing a ton of physical therapy to regain my ability to walk, dance, and do all things I love.  In addition, I am dreaming up new designs for Bionic Unicorn. I've been given the blessings of a new frame of mind, improved determination, and even more bionic power. Instead of succumbing to sadness and frustration, I am using my creativity to get through these tough times. I'm learning so much about crystal healing. My new designs will have a strong focus on crystal metaphysical aspects.

I'm also going to write about my outfit choices. Self care is so important for recovery, and feeling good is at the top of my list. I style comfortable outfits that reflect my magical taste without sacrificing comfort for physical therapy and resting time. My pain is still very intense, and I'm working to bend my leg more and more. I just got to 90 degrees this week. Hopefully I will start walking this summer.

I am wearing an azurite malachite necklace from The Enchanted Rock Garden in Richfield, Mn. Azurite and malachite have amazing healing powers and high copper content. The two combined together look like a faraway view of the earth. This necklace deserves it's own blog post, as I can't go a day without wearing it. I love the magical energy.

More outfit details:

Double Trouble Dress by Gypsy Warrior
Gothica Cage Bra by Battie Clothing 
Mixit Python Knit Leggings from JC Penney
Buffalo Platform Sneakers (no longer available) from Solestruck 


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