January 8, 2015

The Philosophy of Jewelry

I'm always trying to think of new ways to express magic in every day life. I love to create jewelry that represents positive and powerful ideas with whimsical elements. Jewelry with meaningful symbolism can often give you that extra bit of oomph to turn a mundane day into a fun day. 

Just think about it: If you wear something that symbolizes what you love or who you are as a person, you are projecting part of your true self to those around you, thus giving them the opportunity to relate to you. Many times we can go about our daily lives in a guarded fashion that can accidentally send out a negative vibe. Oops! Consciously choosing to project positivity on a daily basis makes a huge difference for oneself, and also for those around you.

What does jewelry have to do with it? Jewelry is purely ornamental. It is emotional. It evokes feeling. We don't wear jewelry out of need. We wear it because it means something to us. Even if you are choosing to wear the simplest, smallest pendant, you are still making a statement about your ideas or preferences. Of course I don't believe that material items are required to adequately express oneself, but it sure makes it fun. And that is what jewelry is all about for Bionic Unicorn. I design jewelry to be a celebration of the wearer. My goal is for you to feel awesome, and to project how awesome you feel to the rest of the world.