December 3, 2014

Angelic Storm: The Tale of a Curse Breaking Statement Necklace

Be your own guardian angel: Angelic Storm Statement Necklace 

 I don't usually believe in curses. At least, I don't usually believe that a curse could affect me. There are many kinds of curses, but at the core, they all come down to the same thing. The "cursee" is encumbered by negative energy, and it prevents them from doing something they could usually do. Most of the time, an act of self sacrifice or better yet, being true to oneself, is what it takes to break the curse.

My curse was not being able to design for many months. I won't get into how this curse was acquired, because the more important concept here is how the curse was eventually broken. The frustration of unfulfilled creativity boiled up and I finally forced myself to imagine a concept. Once I had a concept I was truly in love with, I would be forced to see it through to completion. This couldn't be just any jewelry design; it had to visually represent power, purity, strength of will, and positive energy. The act of creating such a necklace surely would break down any barriers in my mind, and thus, break my curse. And it did.

I started by layering different pieces of vintage necklaces together. The gold floral focal piece is a pendant from a vintage necklace that I linked with faux pearls on each side. I joined each jeweled strand together to give an armored like structure with an elegant vibe. Vintage chandelier crystals accent the top of the necklace and give magic sparkle.

The Angelic Storm Statement Necklace has a unique feature with arcs of faux pearls on each upper side of the chain strands. The faux pearls have a floating structure created from vintage hoop earrings (with posts removed and filed) flipped upside down and linked with moveable faux pearl beads in champagne tones. The affect gives an anti-gravity look, like modern angel wings uplifting your energy. 

Pop Culture Inspiration: Project Runway All Stars

The day after I created the Angelic Storm Statement Necklace, I saw an episode of Project Runway All Stars, where the designers had to create couture-like garments inspired by the Broadway musical "Wicked". The designers randomly selected whether their design would be "good" or "wicked'. One of my favorite designers, Sonjia Williams, created the gown shown above, with shimmery gold lace detail. When I saw this dress, I thought "The necklace I just made would be so perfect with this! It is the exact same kind of mood." And then I had a mental celebration. My curse breaking necklace had triumphed, and the creative soul had prevailed. Something about seeing Sonjia's gorgeous gown spoke to me, and reinforced what I believed in myself as a designer, as well as the statement necklace that I had just completed. Oh yeah, and Sonjia won that challenge.

My Angelic Storm Statement Necklace has completed the first phase of it's purpose. To be the sparkling gold and white phoenix from which my creativity would be reborn. It's next purpose is to find a new home with one who would wear it as a beacon, a reminder to thine own self be true. 

And thus, my Angelic Storm Curse Breaking Statement Necklace is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop or my own Bionic Unicorn website.

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