October 20, 2011

Caught on CULT - Cat's Pajamas

Last week I went to vintage & antique clothing/jewelry sale at the MN State Fairgrounds, called The Cat's Pajamas, with my friends Wendy and Morgan. There were so many tantalizing items! Some favorites were authentic Edwardian hats, unicorn cuff links, loads of West German jewelry, and a 1960s polka dot dress. I snapped up a jeweled cuff, half Art Deco, half She-Ra, and 100% magical.

My friend Wendy wore an authentic Edwardian lawn dress and entered in vintage fashion show! I might be a little biased, but I think she should have won.

Guests of the Cats Pajamas vintage sale were asked to wear vintage attire for the event. Using a suede and faux fur coat, I created a look inspired by folk singers and Woodstock. I added a slight steampunk twist with Victorian boots and a heavy duty hardware belt. While perusing the vintage treasures and sipping some wine, Wendy and I were approached by Stephanie Johnson, a local advertising and design student, who has a very cool blog about personal style called Cult Minneapolis. Most of the time, I think street fashion is more interesting than high fashion or runway, because it's expression in it's purest form. I love to see how people choose to represent themselves with clothing and accessories. So as you can imagine, I was delighted when Stephanie asked to photograph me for her blog!

Stephanie plans to add more photos from the vintage sale to her blog. I'm excited to see pics of all the outfits people wore to the show, as I was only there for the last hour of the event.

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