August 22, 2011

Nim Lang Jewelry Copies Bionic Unicorn

Nim Lang is copying my jewelry and doesn't want you to know. I'm very sad to say that I'm having problems with copyright infringement. A jewelry designer by the name of Nim Lang has been copying my work and selling it. Nim Lang has already admitted in writing to copying me, and continues to try to sell her jewelry on different websites, thinking I won't notice. I have asked her kindly to stop and I have reported her to the websites she sells at.

She is copying my work and insisting that it is a tribute. Some of the designs that Nim Lang has copied have been my intellectual property since 2009. Supporting handmade jewelry is a beautiful thing, and intellectual property must be protected.

The above photo is a comparison of Bionic Unicorn Jewelry and Nim Lang Jewelry. I want you to be able to see for yourself, and I welcome any and all comments. However, I ask that no one contact her with any negative messages. I merely want to warn my customers and urge the steampunk community to take a stand against copyright infringement. The best action that can be taken is simply to not buy jewelry, art, literature, or whatever from people who copy. This is in order to preserve artistic integrity and better the handmade community.

To clarify, I do not feel that I am the only one who should be able to make steampunk butterfly necklaces and steampunk jewelry involving flowers. I am happy that my jewelry inspires people. There is a big difference between being inspired and making paint by number copies of originals that were made with integrity and love.

This issue hurts me greatly and I hope it will end soon.

xoxo Kristin from Bionic Unicorn

Update: Thanks to the help of my friends and administrators at the websites where Nim Lang is located, the copied items have been removed. Please still be aware that Nim Lang might be selling these copies elsewhere under a different name.


Samantha Rei said...

I know how much it sucks to be ripped off. I'm not a big corporation, I'm an individual designer. We need to stick together. Way to take a stand!

Samantha Rei said...

I know how much it sucks to be ripped off. I'm not a big corporation, I'm an individual designer. We need to stick together. Way to take a stand!

SWEET T said...

This is ridiculous. She is obviously copying you directly. I hope that people do not buy her pieces.

Tasha Rae Tatro said...

Wow: it is ridiculous how obvious her copies are. I feel sorry for her in not even being able to come up with her own twist. For whatever reason she seems to fail to challenge herself with anything greater than reproducing what she admires. This isn't a real artist: only a robot. With all great art; the original piece and original idea is where the real value is. And... karma is a bitch.

wehrlybird00 said...

Those three pieces are obvious copies, yet they lack the life of the Bionic Unicorn items they mimic. After seeing the original creative work, any discerning customer would be disappointed by the knock-offs. And that doesn't even address quality.

Those in our midst who are creative enrich our lives in ways that are often difficult to quantify, but the art that was created within a society is always among the few artifacts protected and preserved long after that culture is gone. That fact IS the evidence of how important intellectual property is, including art.

Don't support those who can't create their own works!