July 15, 2011

Tribal & Trendy

Hey everyone!

It's Alexis, and I'm back to spotlight a few of the newest Bionic Unicorn pieces! These jewelry designs play up your favorite exotic elements, and will be a perfect addition to any fashion junkie's tribal wardrobe. It was tough to chose only a few, but below are my top picks from this must-have collection. Are you ready to take a trip on an Exotic Adventure?

Pacific Shard Breastplate Necklace

This breastplate presents neon tribal glass beads strung above a real blue agate, all on a chain of vintage antiqued silver.

Tribal Princess Earrings

Wooden beads work with chain fringe of mixed metal to create these abstract earrings. They give off an antique-y organic vibe with a mixture of brass, silver, and copper.

Shamanic Flower Necklace

There is a lot happening with this vintage flower necklace. The tribal pendant combines metal spikes and a retro colored vintage enamel flower, all complete with a sparkling Swarovski crystal.

Ikat Earrings

These cute beaded geometric earrings are made up of stone beads and are adorned with stunning turquoise stone. Antique brass chain holds up the design gives off a tribal royalty vibe.

Serengeti Breastplate Necklace

Varying shades of yellow beads are wired together and completed with an antique chain to unite this tribal breastplate. The geometric warrior-like design looks exotic and you'll feel as if you've been magically transported to the Serengeti Plains.

These pieces are vintage and naturally organic, so your tribal feel is totally legit! There are many more exotic tribal necklaces and earrings waiting to be discovered in the Exotic Adventure collection!

Peace, love, and Bionic Unicorn--

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