July 26, 2011

Awesome Sale!

Hey, check out this amazing new photo of my Warrior Princess necklace by Carla Haglund of FairShadow Photography.

Oh yes, and I am also having a sale right now. This includes all items! 25% off your purchase now through August 1st. Use coupon code "awesome" to receive the discount.

I have many new steampunk designs to choose from!

or perhaps something on the wilder side?

1 comment:

Grimey said...

This listing--- in fact, EVERY listing in which you use the words "tribal" and "exotic"-- is fucking racist. What tribe are you referring to? What is so exotic about them? "Exotic" means "originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country" or "something strange and colorful because it is out of the ordinary."

You live in a city full of Anishinaabeg. They were here before you. They are not from a distant land. YOUR ancestors were. People of color are not "out of the ordinary." Whiteness is not "the norm."

I can't comment on the feathers and the "war paint" without calling you names. So I won't.

Stop appropriating.