January 31, 2011

Avoid the Grey Photos and Recap

Here's some looks from Avoid the Grey, a fashion show produced by Cliche, a boutique in Minneapolis where I sell my jewelry. You can click on each panel of pics for a larger view. Featured here are clothing designs by Niki English, Ashley Busch, Jenny Carle, and Sydney Ilten. The night went by so fast, probably because it was so much fun.

I was joined at the 3:00 show by my mother and my aunt. It was their first fashion show and they loved it. My lovely friends Wendy and Morgan sat front row with us. After the show, we jetted off to Bar La Grassa where we enjoyed grilled prawns and delicious cocktails. I horrified my mother by ordering the Pasta Negra, which consists of noodles that had been soaked in squid ink - thus making them very dark in color. My aunt Mary was brave enough to try it and agreed that it was delicious. My mother still recoiled.

Next up it was time for the 7:00 show. My friends Soren and Erica each brought their lovely young daughters who were very intrigued by the runway show. They even got a backstage peak when the show was over. I sense some budding designers in our midst. My fellow jewelry designers, the fabulous Timmi Lynn Johnson and ever effervescent Tasha Rae Tatro took up eagle's nest seats in the back row. It was wonderful to enjoy the show together and check out the glittering fruits of our labors.

I had barely enough time to grab a drink before the 9:30 show started. I was happy to catch up with Mary O'Regan, Jahna Peloquin, and Emma Berg, all I might add were looking gorgeous as usual. I was delighted that Mary and Jahna were each wearing some of my jewelry. After the show, Mary and I ventured out to the Kitty Cat Klub with Molly Roark. It was so busy there I probably wouldn't have gotten a drink if it weren't for Molly's cunning wiles. There were several gents in capes who were dressed up for Menergy's dance night. I suddenly wished that I had a silver tiara and some wrist cuffs.

PS - The formatting on this blog is a little wonky and I don't know how to fix it. Any one who wants to help me will get a free piece of jewelry.

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