January 19, 2009

Blue Flowers

I am totally in to blue flowers. They have been a recent theme in my jewelry. I decided to do some research on blue flowers to learn more about the names of each species. I then discovered that the blue flower is the symbol of German Romanticism. This is very thrilling to me, as I find it serendipitous. I am very inspired by Bavarian style, as well as fairy tales. Now I am enamored with blue flowers, and I will be featuring the theme in many of my upcoming pieces.

Here is my darling friend Lucy, wearing the Secret of Night necklace, which features blue and purple flowers. This necklace really reflects Lucy's sweet personality.

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LB Accessories said...

Lovely peice and great info on the blue flower.

I wanted to let you know that you've been tagged, if you need info on how it works please read my blog post on it. Thanks!