December 29, 2008


Random Picture of the Day!
I was once convinced that 'Pink Death Star" was an original idea. Then I found out that it's also a band when I googled it. I found a really cool picture in the process though, and I have asked my husband to go as "Pink Darth Vader" for Halloween this year.
So today at the gas station I heard a big crunch. I turned around and someone in an SVU drove right into a snowbank at the side of the alley. They weren't even going that fast. I think they thought they could take the snowbank and ram right through it. But instead it made a terrible scratching noise and they had to back up to get out.

In other news, my love for making sculptural necklaces is growing, and I am currently working on a jungle orchid piece, as well as some bird themes. And I have some other top secret creations in line for spring. Spring is the best season to design for. It's so optimistic.

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