November 4, 2008

Good Day to You! It's a Good Day for Me!

Me and my boy

My man and our dog

Today I went to vote and it was really awesome. I went right when the polls opened, but it seemed that everyone in my ward had the same idea, as they were lined up along the block. I immediately wished that I had brought something to do. Fortunately, I got to stand next to some really nice people, so we just chatted the whole time and I was up to the front of the line in no time! Then when I am going to get my ballot, I find out that I read the map wrong and that voting for my ward is on the other side of the building, which of course had it's own excrutiatingly long line. Lucky for me, one of the voting judges put me at the front of the other line and explained what happened to the other people waiting. No one around me minded. Something about voting had brought out the nicest qualities in everyone. I think that they were all just really excited about getting rid of Bush, myself included.
Now I get to hang out with my adorable baby and my dog until I go to work today.

So just for fun, here's some photos that I love:


TiLT said...

oooohhh....he is such a little cutie! teaching him how to be a gamer already :) I miss when they were young enough to let me play...

JenniferBirge said...

He's so cute! And I love your blog layout!